Contextualising my Creative Practice (Prologue)

Where I fit in has always been a question without any answers and it’s something that has presented as a need to seek role models, or inspirers to give some, if not all, of my work context. From the early days of looking at others, mostly in films and television programmes, I sought to findContinue reading “Contextualising my Creative Practice (Prologue)”

Creative Connections and Conundrums

‘You are all over the place Jill’ I say to myself frustratingly. My ideas on what to write include so many facets which in turn create more and more connections to explore. Sorry, not Sorry. So, I NEED my creative self to speak my words that no one has heard. Otherwise I am unable toContinue reading “Creative Connections and Conundrums”

Moving forward

I want to look at some of the strengths and advantages of the being autistic. I say autistic rather than neurodiverse because that is my lived experience. The term neurodiverse encompasses a wide range of abilities that are different to neurotypical ways of thinking. In the paper by Livingston et al (2019), a study ofContinue reading “Moving forward”

The Autistic Pov

If you’re shut awayAre you hiding or captive?If there are unknown questionsTo demanded answersAre you silent or silenced? The navigation is that whichMust be made, without compass or sign.To not make the journey seems the easier pathAnd the walls can be built.But… If you’re shut awayAre you hiding or captive?If there are unknown questionsTo demandedContinue reading “The Autistic Pov”

Writing a Dissertation as a Neurodiverse Visual Artist.

Photograph by Babs Cooper. Edited by Jill Boyd. My premise was that accessibility should be one of the themes of my MA Photography, alongside justice, social engagement and equality. I envisaged an MA done on a mobile (cell) phone which represented an accessible resource that has a familiar presence in wealthy countries. The devices themselvesContinue reading “Writing a Dissertation as a Neurodiverse Visual Artist.”

Be Brave. . .and go for it. Take a risk.

I’d like to talk about fears for the neurodiverse individual which can affect functioning and how theses fears could originate. Vance (2020) describes uncertainty as a significant stressor for an autistic person. She states that “Knowing what to expect, or why things happen, and being prepared for what makes them stressful gives the autistic personContinue reading “Be Brave. . .and go for it. Take a risk.”

The ‘What is your need?’ question

Is it enough to just type ‘Autism’ when told by the Arts Council email that the ‘participant’ (me) has to state what their need is when applying for money to pay someone to help me apply for an Arts Council ‘Developing Your Creative Practice‘ grant for round 11. Then it wants me to identify whatContinue reading “The ‘What is your need?’ question”