On a Clear Day, You Can See Forever

I have not written for some time. I achieved my MA in Photography and was considering a Practiced – Based PhD. Sometimes I see where I want to head briefly then I am overcome with the demands this makes. Multi-tasking is okay sometimes but not for something so long-term. Higher Education gave me a double-edgedContinue reading “On a Clear Day, You Can See Forever”

The Visionary Photographer?

Dear Jill This missive offers a conclusion to your journey , although it is not an end at all. This is a summary and a reflection of how you arrived to the point you are at now. Your compass fluctuates but now you see where each direction leads to and to who. A genre ofContinue reading “The Visionary Photographer?”

Hidden in Plain Sight (part 2)

Who are the ‘hidden in plain sight? Let’s notice those around us; those who serve our coffee, those behind the cash register, those next to you on a train, those trying to put your call through to the right person, those who answer your enquiry, those who deliver your post, those who clean your school,Continue reading “Hidden in Plain Sight (part 2)”

I shall use my invisibility for good, not evil.

Groups – Think about yourself as an observer in the first instance to manage the anxiety, especially with new people, but it’s inevitable that you may not be able to connect to others in that group. Then, there’s the internal dialogue of analysing every interaction you had to sustain during the session, then that allContinue reading “I shall use my invisibility for good, not evil.”

Conversation with Myself

Every day there is such an influx of internal dialogue that creates the peaks and troughs in which my emotional state varies. Small victories become unfathomable questions of meaning and lows explore the rationality of existence. Purpose must come into it, so I tell myself that I am good enough, then I castigate the prideContinue reading “Conversation with Myself”

Contextualising my Creative Practice (Act II)

If Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore could be themselves, why not me? It was here in Jersey I had a revelation. In fact I still have the postcard I bought in a small wooden frame everywhere I do creative work. It’s here with me now. It was to remind me that a person such asContinue reading “Contextualising my Creative Practice (Act II)”